St Mary's Church

Building Fellowship & Bettering our Community through the Gospel

The National Church...

  • Began using the language of the people (vernacular) in 1900
  • Allowed clergy to marry in 1921
  • Introduced the Altar of Sacrifice (Mass facing the congregation) in 1931
  • Offers communion by intinction (host dipped into wine)
  • Our bishops are traced to the Apostles in an unbroken line (Apostolic Succession)
Our Parish Work is assisted by our Parish Organizations which are:
Frederic Chopin Choir; Adoration Society; Men's Club / YMSR);
Altar Servers; Youth Group; Prayer Circle; and a Fraternal Benefit Society.

About Us

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     We make every effort to create an environment where the world and its earthly problems can be left behind, even for just a little while. We use spiritual means to overcome the burdens of life which weigh heavily upon our shoulders. God promises to relieve our burdens (Matthew 11:28).

     Many religions were exported from other countries to the United States. However, The National Catholic Church (PNCC) is an American Church organized in the United States in 1897 and has 120 parishes. We are One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic!  We adhere to teachings of the Undivided Catholic Church, guided by Scripture and Tradition.  We are the other Catholic Church, not governed by the pope or Rome!

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