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Future Direction Newsletter - Please contact us if you would like the latest issue!

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2021 PNCC Action Plan: Discipleship - We Will Trust in the Lord!

Lent Service Schedule - Lent services are taking place on Wednesdays, alternating between 12 noon and 7pm. Please see the Weekly Bulletin, our website, or weekly email for the schedule. We hope you will be able to attend when able.

Surprise! - Our faithful are once again able to bless themselves with holy water as they enter the church, through a safe and touchless method. We hope you find comfort in this!

Drive to Support the Oliver Apartments - Our drive continues to collect items to help the residents of the Oliver Apartments, which is supported housing for the homeless. The goal of these apartments is to provide living skills to the residents, help them find employment, and transition to their own place to live. We can help them by collecting needed items such as toilet paper, hand soap, dish detergent, disinfecting wipes, and laundry detergent. Please place items in the large box in the back of the church. Thanks for your support!

Lord’s Supper Remembrance - We have a sign up sheet for those who are interested in participating in a Lord’s Supper Remembrance meal and service on March 24 at 6pm. We have plenty of space to keep proper distance between households. If you are interested, please contact us to sign up.  We hope you can join us!

Letter from Bishop Jerry - We received a letter from Bishop Jerry for this season of Lent. It is beautifully written and gives a good perspective about Lent. Copies are on the sign up table - Please help yourself!

National Lent Retreat - Please mark your calendar for March 23 at 7pm, as our Church will have another online retreat. If you would like to participate, or if you would like to share someone’s screen, please contact Fr Sr Charles.