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Rummage Drop Off
Drop off of rummage items has begun! If you have suitable rummage items, please feel free to place them in the upper hall on the floor. Please note - items must be clean and in good working condition. If you are bringing items from someone else, please check them before giving to us. Too much valuable time is spent cleaning items or throwing away items that are broken or not usable. We are thankful for your support and cooperation!
Also, our rummage coordinators seek safety pins for the sale. If you have any, please give them to Fran or Rosemarie - Thanks!

Rummage Setup - Thanks!
We thank everyone who helped setup the hall last Sunday in preparation for our upcoming Rummage Sales. Your efforts made the task go smoothly!

We are collecting information of former parishioners who may still be in town, so that we can begin contacting them. We would like to see if they would be interested in joining us as we worship and serve God. You can help by writing down names you can think of on 3x5 cards (found on the sign up table), and then placing in the basket, giving to Father Charles, or giving to Kathy Martinczak. Also, please pray for success in this project!

Spaghetti Dinner
Our Adoration Society would like to thank everyone who attended their Spaghetti Dinner held last Saturday. They sold 80 tickets and they thank everyone who helped get the word out about the event. They also thank everyone who helped in any way!
Every event is a learning experience and the Adoration Society is grateful for the patience that has been shown them. The are evaluating this event and will make more improvements for the next one!

Christmas Decorating Coordinators
If you would like to help plan for and coordinate the decorating of our church for Christmas this year, please see Father Charles or Kathy Martinczak.

Gift Cards Project - Sold Out!
We sold out of our last retailer, and so concludes our easiest fund raiser. We thank all those who consistently made purchases over the last several years, which helped our church raise several thousand dollars, all by purchasing gift cards for places already being shopped at.

The Word, Newsletter of the Western Diocese
If you would like the latest issue of The Word, please contact us and we will email
it to you.  The publication is in a new format and Looks Great!