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Future Direction Newsletter - Please contact us if you would like the latest issue!

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2021 PNCC Action Plan: Discipleship - We Will Trust in the Lord!

Home Blessings - If you would like to have your home blessed during this Epiphany season, please contact us to arrange for a day and time convenient for you!

Annual Parish Meeting - Our annual Parish meeting will take place next Sunday January 31 in the Church following Mass. All are invited to attend!

Calendars - We received calendars donated to our church. Please help yourself!

Music Scholarship - Our Church has a Music Scholarship program for musicians interested in sharing their talent with the Church. Information and applications can be found on their website - . Music Scholarship Sunday is next Sunday January 31.

Christmas Flower Offerings Contributors - List 2
Bjorkland Family - Memory of Helen and Robert Hubler
Cecil and Becky Brummett
James Chodzinski - Memory of Mr & Mrs Albert Chodzinski Sr.
Rose Chodzinski - Memory of Albert and Rose Chodzinski
Shirley DeCook - Memory of Val DeCook
Mary Galovic; Joan H. Johnson - Memory of Frank Hans, Mary Hans, Edward Hans
Dave and Carol Kolecki - Memory of Lorraine Caligiuri
Phyllis Kolecki - Memory of Richard Kolecki
Fran Lemanski - Memory of Stephen and Rose Lemanski
Dan and Linda Lisenko - Memory of Barbara Sausman
Gordon and Becky Martinczak; Rosie & Dick Morrison
Marcella Nowicki - Memory of James D. Sikorski
Carol and Randy Shamory - Memory of Levandowski & Dzikowski Families
Diane Skierkowski - Memory of Harry and Patricia Skierkowski
Evelyn Shaw and Sylvia Wadzinski - Memory of Mr & Mrs Chester Tobias
Evelyn Shaw and Sylvia Wadzinski  - Memory of Richard Shaw and Ralph Wadzinski

Thank You for helping to beautify our Altars and our Church!