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The Word, Newsletter of the Western Diocese
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National Events
National Youth Convo - July 23-27, Scranton, PA

Pentecost!   Sunday we celebrated Pentecost, the 50th day after Easter. This was the day the Holy Spirit descended from Heaven to guide and govern the Church. We wear red today because it is the color which honors the Holy Spirit.

Rummage Items   We are collecting items for our summer Rummage Sale. Items must be clean and in good working condition. If you are bringing items from someone else, please check them before giving to us.  We had a good response last year and were pleased with the cooperation. Items can be brought to the hall and placed on the floor.   Thank You for your support!

Rummage Sale   We are making plans to have a summer Rummage Sale, the weekends of July 13,14 and July 20,21. Please mark your calendar!

The Union of Scranton   Our Union of Scranton is an international group of Catholic Churches not under the authority of the pope or Rome. The goal is to work together to form partnerships like that of the undivided Church, and one day restore the Undivided Christian Church. The immediate hope is to steer the Church away from the influence of those who have been tolerating or covering up scandals and abuses. More information can be found at and an article from our national newsletter is on the sign up table.
National Union PNU
Our Fraternal Benefit Society is the National Union (PNU). The PNU offers a wide range of life insurance products to meet many needs. Purchasing these products also makes members eligible to participate in college stipends, annuities, and have access to a credit union. If you would like more information, please see Father Charles, designated organizer for our area.

Would You Like to Make a Difference?   We are trying to help an adult male with many needs. His housing is only temporary and may lose it at any time. Food is not dependable, and he is only able to work odd jobs because he cannot find anyone who is willing to give him a try. He is in need of food and Goodwill certificates. If you can help, please bring items to the church. He is also in need of a used vehicle.  Please see Father Charles if you have any information or ideas!
Thanks for your efforts and concern!