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Future Direction Newsletter
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Bible Readings This Week
Here are this week's Bible Readings as we begin another week. If you do not have a Bible, we will send one to you. There are also online sources - let us know if you need suggestions.
November - Sustained by God’s Word of Praise
Mon - Psalm 18:25-50; Tu - Psalm 21; Wed - Psalm 50; Th - 1 Chronicles 16:1-7;
Fri - 1 Chronicles 16:8-36; Sat - 1 Chronicles 16:37-43; Sun - Psalm 144
(American Bible Society)
God's Blessings as you read His Word!

2019 is the Year of Discipleship in the PNCC!

Community Drive - We are collecting various items to support our community.
School 1 - (K-5) Granola bars, fruit snacks, winter gloves (child size or adult small), pencils, glue sticks, tissues, wipes, and hand sanitizer.

School 2 - (K-5) Coats and winter gloves (child size or adult small)
Thanks for helping the students. Your donations also help the teachers who often pay for these items from their own pockets!

We are also helping a young family in our parish who are in need of food and monetary support. Thanks for helping our community!

Outreach Team Meeting - Next Sunday at 11am and is open to everyone who is interested in the growth of our church!

Adoration Society Bake Sale - Our Adoration Society will have a Bake Sale on Sunday, December 15 following Mass. There will be a wonderful assortment of goodies! If you would like to help them in this project, bakers are needed!

Chopin Choir - Collecting recipes for their Then and Now recipe project;
Selling chocolate Rudolph Noses, Toy Soldiers, and Turtles, while supplies last.

Thanks for your support!

PNCC Calendars - If you would like to purchase a 2020 PNCC Calendar ($4.50 each), please see the calendar sheet on the sign up table by the December 1 deadline.

PNU Raffle - The National Union (PNU) is having a raffle to support education stipends to help youth members. For tickets, please see the sign up table by the November 27 deadline.

Hong Kong - Please pray for the people of Hong Kong, that they gain their independence, and have help from outside countries.