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2020 Year of Discipleship 2 in the PNCC!

Advent Readers
The season of Advent, is the beginning of a brand new Church year, and begins next Sunday!. We will continue our tradition of lighting the Advent Wreath and offering readings. Readers will be needed. If you would like to read, please see the sign up sheet on the sign up table.

School Supplies and Winter Clothing
Due to corona, many children at Lincoln School did not receive any school supplies. We are collecting school supplies and winter clothing to support them. We are thankful for what you can do to help. Next Sunday is the deadline. Thanks for your generosity!

Chopin Choir Recipe Book
The Chopin Choir has a new recipe book called Then and Now, which has recipes from the past, and new recipes. Recipes from previous editions will even have some background about them. The book will be easy to read and have an easy to use format. The cost is just $20 each, and you can sign up for yours by seeing the sign up sheet on the sign up table.
Thank You for supporting the choir!

Website and Email
Our website has been updated with a “posts” page, which has some of the favorite posts that were found on the facebook page. We discontinued facebook because of its politics and censuring speech of religious groups, and that only 6 households were on it. We also found that facebook has been limiting who and how many see postings. Therefore, we made the adjustments to our website, and will also offer a weekly email with the same features, if enough people sign up. Thanks for your support!

Christmas Decorating Sign Up
If you would like to help prepare for decorating, and / or help with the decorating of the church for Christmas, please sign up!

PNCC Calendars
If you would like a PNCC calendar for a cost of $4.50 each, please see the sign up sheet or contact us by the November 29 deadline. These calendars are different from calendars which are sometimes donated to our church.