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June is Sacred Vocations Month!
This is the final week of Sacred Vocations month. Please offer extra prayers for our bishops, priests, deacons, and lay ministers, as well as an increase of vocations for clergy and lay persons.

Clergy Pension Fund Annual Campaign
Our annual campaign to support our national Clergy Pension fund is underway, and we are off to a good start! The pension fund modestly helps our retired priests live in dignity. Our annual campaign will run through the end of July. If donating by check, please make checks payable to St. Mary’s Parish. If donating by checks or cash, please mark “clergy pension” on your envelope. Thank You for your consideration, support, and generosity!

Parish Picnic Sign Up Sheet!
Our annual Parish Picnic on Sunday, July 16, and is only 3 weeks away! Our church will provide the entrees and beverages, and we have a sign up sheet for those who would like to bring salads, side items, or desserts.
The picnic will take place immediately following Mass, and we will have games and activities. Our picnic is open to everyone, so please invite family, friends, and neighbors!

New Article!
Fran Lemanski wrote a new article about our church in our national newsletter - God’s Field. She did a great job again (as always)! Copies can be found on the sign up table. Please help yourself!

Bell Tower Work - Thank You!
We thank Mike McCormack, Mike Mersich, and Father Charles for spending a couple of Saturdays working in our bell tower. They installed a new (safe) ladder to the upper level, did maintenance on bricks and mortar, and converted our bells to ring without swinging. This will prevent future damage to brick and mortar from thousands of pounds of force from swinging bells. It would have cost between $9,000 and $19,000 if we hired out!

St. Joseph Men’s Club - Share a Ride
A reminder that if you need a ride to church or know someone who does, please contact the rectory!
The Word, Newsletter of the Western Diocese
If you would like the latest issue of The Word, please contact us and we will email
it to you.  The publication is in a new format and Looks Great! 

Gift Cards Fund Raiser!
We have gift cards from numerous retailers for places that may you already shop, which can also make great gifts for occasions like birthdays or anniversaries! We can accept cash or checks. Please see Susan after Mass!