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Bible Readings This Week

February - Sustained by God's Word of Love

Mon - John 8:48-59     Tu - John 10:1-21     Wed - John 10:22-42

Th - 1 John 1:1-10     Fri - 1 John 2:1-17     Sat - 1 John 2:18-29

Sun - 1 John 3:1-24

American Bible Society

God's Blessings for a Great Week!

Valentine’s Party!   We had a Great Time at our Valentine’s Party last Sunday! We hope to have other events, which make for good opportunities to invite others to join us!

Pot Luck Suppers!   We will have Pot Luck Suppers on Wednesday March 13, and Wednesday March 27. The dinners will take place at 6pm. You can bring a food item if you would like to (please see the sign up sheets on the sign up table), but do not have to if you cannot. We will have uplifting and inspiring Lent services following the dinners.
Please mark your calendar and We Hope to See You!

Suggestions From our Annual Meeting   We had several good suggestions from our recently held Annual Parish Meeting, such as - bring someone to church; have a blessing of pets in commemoration of St. Francis; have a “Blue” appreciation event; add a weekly brief presentation on Facebook; and emphasize our Prayer Circle (and invite others to join in this important ministry).  You may have other ideas - please feel free to share them with our Board of Directors or Father Charles!

Extend An Invitation   Many people are searching for a church to be their spiritual home. Why not invite them to worship with us. We may be just what they are looking for!
We have a variety of outreach materials like business cards and pamphlets which can be given to interested persons. Place your name and phone number on the back so they can contact you. Consider riding with them to church or saying that you will meet them here.
We also have information online, so you can direct them to our website or facebook pages. If you have a facebook page, we encourage you to share items on our facebook page with your contacts. If they do the same, one contact can end up reaching many people!