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Future Direction Newsletter
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Daily Bible Readings This Week
Here are this week's Bible Readings. If you do not have a Bible, we will give one to you.
There are also online sources - let us know if you need suggestions.
June Theme - God’s Life-Giving Word of Spiritual Renewal
Mon - Acts 2:22-47  Tu - Joel 1:1-20  Wed - Joel 2:1-17 Th - Joel 2:18-32
Fri - Joel 3:1-21  Sat - Acts 8:26-40  Sun - Acts 18:1-17 (American Bible Society)
  Please make time to read the Bible!

2020 Year of Discipleship 2 in the PNCC!

Sacred Vocations Month - June is Sacred Vocations Month. Please add to your daily prayers additional prayers for our Bishops, Priests, and Deacons, and for an increase of Vocations. Thank You for your prayers!

Being Called - If you feel you are being Called to the diaconate or priesthood of our Church, please feel free to speak with Father Charles.

Chopin Choir Thanks! - Our Chopin Choir Thanks everyone for their purchase of chocolate covered fudge eggs. They were able to finish this project thanks to your support!

Help Spread The Word! - We have probable heard that numerous churches have decided not to gather until some time in the next couple of months, and they are free to make their own decision. We have decided that as permitted by our National Church leadership and local conditions - We Are Gathering! We are fortunate that we have a small congregation and a large church building. We are following all health directives which means you can worship with us safely and with confidence. We know its going to take a while for everyone to feel comfortable leaving their homes, but whenever that time comes - we are here waiting for you!

National Union PNU - Our Fraternal Benefit Society is the National Union (PNU). The PNU offers a wide range of life insurance products to meet many needs. Purchasing these products also makes members eligible to participate in college stipends, annuities, and have access to a credit union. If you would like more information, please see Father Charles, designated organizer for our area.