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The Word, Newsletter of the Western Diocese
If you would like the latest issue of The Word, please contact us and we will email
it to you.  The publication is easy to read and Looks Great! 

Epiphany Home Blessings are continuing! If you would like to have your home blessed, contact Father Charles to arrange for a day and time convenient for you! It’s a great way to begin a New Year!

Oliver Apartments
Board games, word searches, activity items, and household items like toilet paper and cleaners are needed by the residents of the Oliver apartments (now up to 21)! If you can, please bring them to the church and place them in the large box. We seek volunteers to help with activities on Tuesday evenings. Please let Father Charles know in advance if you would like to help with activities. Thanks for your assistance!

Financial Statements
If you would like a financial statement for contributions given to the parish in 2017, please contact Kim Bjorkland or Father Charles.

Music Scholarships
If you are taking music lessons and would like to use your musical talents in the worship of our church, music scholarships are available. If you would like to fill out an application, please see Father Charles.

Christmas Decoration Takedown
We thank all who helped take down our Christmas decorations last Sunday- Kathy Martinczak, Fran Lemanski, Rosemarie Morrison, Gordon and Becky Martinczak, Carl Wallace, Pat Lynch, Dan Lisenko, John and Sheena Ullery, Carol Shamory, Cecil and Becky Brummett, Alice Chan, Mike Mersich, Mike McCormack, Dave and Carol Kolecki, Joe Zawistowski, Susan and Father Charles Zawistowski. Many hands made the task go well!

Choir News
Our Chopin Choir is on its last batch of Kaywos Towels. Please see any member while supplies last. Also, election of officers will take place at the February meeting. All members are reminded to attend if possible.