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The Word, Newsletter of the Western Diocese
If you would like the latest issue of The Word, please contact us and we will email
it to you.  The publication is easy to read and Looks Great! 
Household Items - Your donations are making a difference. Thanks for helping those in need!

We will continue collecting items for the time being.

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Passion Sunday   Sunday (March 18) is the proper day for Passion Sunday, which is the beginning of Passion tide. All figures are covered in purple as a reminder of Jesus being away to prepare for the events of His Passion, Death, and Resurrection.

Spring Cleaning   We thank everyone who helped with the Spring Cleaning of our church and grounds yesterday. We will list everyone in the next Weekly Bulletin.

Symbolic Tomb Setup   We will setup our symbolic tomb next Sunday (Palm Sunday) immediately following Mass. Volunteers are needed for this important task!

Attendance Goal   Our Board of Directors has made a goal for our attendance this year. We would like to increase to an average of 45. You can help by inviting others to worship with us. The people you know may be the most receptive, especially if they are looking for a church.

Article   Our parish correspondent, Fran Lemanski has a new article in our national Church newspaper - God’s Field. Copies can be found on the sign up table. Thanks Fran for sharing your writing skills!

Choir Rehearsals   Rehearsals in preparation for Easter are taking place on the choir loft following Mass. All are invited to sing with the choir!

Chopin Choir Fundraisers   Our Chopin Choir is selling 3.5 oz. fudge Easter eggs for $5 each. This price is discounted from what you would pay in stores. If interested, please stop by their display table after Mass.  Also, Kaywos Towels are still being sold while supplies last.

Make A Difference!   Fran made a good suggestion that we use the term Make a Difference in our advertising, which we will add to See the Difference.
See the Difference! - Make a Difference! (Pretty catchy!)