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Annual Meeting

Our annual Congregation Meeting will take place next Sunday following Mass. Refreshments will be provided. We hope you will attend!

Decoration Take Down
We thank all who helped take down our decorations last Sunday - Carl and Jeanette Wallace, Lil Trytko, Mike and Kathy Martinczak, Dan Lisenko, Keith Beck, Alice Chan, Sophia Miller, Mike Mersich, Mike McCormack, John Ullery, Fran Lemanski, Carol Shamory, Rosemarie Morrison, Cecil and Becky Brummett, Ryan Paturalski, Andy, Matt, Susan and Father Charles.
The task was well organized and smooth - Thanks for helping!

Thank You!
We thank Fran Lemanski, Rosemarie Morrison, and Father Charles for sorting through the kitchen pots and pans and cleaning them. We are thankful for your time and efforts!

Financial Statements
If you would like a financial statement for contributions made to the parish last year, please see Father Charles.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity concludes this Friday. Thank You for praying for the unity of the Christian Church!

Bible Readings This Week

January - God’s Word and Following Jesus
Mon - Luke 9:1-17     Tu - Luke 9:18-27

Wed - Luke 9:28-45    Th - Luke 9:46-62     Fri - Luke 10:1-24
Sat - Luke 19:1-10     Sun - Colossians 1:1-23
American Bible Society

God's Blessings for a Great Week!

Music Scholarships
Music scholarship applications are available for those taking music lessons, and willing to share their talent with the church.