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Building Fellowship & Bettering our Community through the Gospel


7/13 - St. Veronica, N.T. (translated)

7/15 - St. Bonaventure, bishop and doctor

7/18 - St. Frederick, bishop and martyr

7/19 - Parish Auditors meeting at 11am

7/22 - St. Mary Magdalene, N.T.

7/25 - St. James the Greater, Apostle

7/26 - Men's Club (YMSR) meeting at 9:30am (Church)

7/27 - Sts. Joachim and Ann, parents of the BVM (translated)

7/29 - St. Martha, N.T.

7/30 - St. Peter Chrysologus, doctor

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to follow all health directives and guidelines for your safety and confidence. Feel free to join us when you are healthy and ready to leave your home. We will be here waiting for you!