St Mary Parish PNCCChurch

Building Fellowship & Bettering our Community through the Gospel


3/19 - St. Jospeh, earthly father of Jesus

3/21 - A Meal in the Upper Room at 6pm (reservation deadline has passed)

3/24 - St. Gabriel, archangel

3/25 - St. Joseph Men's Club meeting at 9:30am

3/25 - PALM SUNDAY Mass at 10am

3/27 - Holy Tuesday Blessing of Oils at Divine Word Parish in Chicago

3/29 - Holy Thursday Mass at 6:30pm; church preparation at 7:30pm

3/30 - Good Friday Mass of pre-Sanctified at 1pm; church open 12 Noon to 3pm

3/31 - Holy Saturday blessing of New Fire, Paschal Candle, and Holy Water at 9:30am

3/31 - Blessing of Easter Baskets at 10:10am

3/31 - Decoration of church at 10:15am 

4/1 - EASTER SUNDAY Procession and Mass at 10am

Sunday Mass at 10am - Come Join Us!