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A Little Humor for the Week!

Thursday 11/30 - Christmas Decoration prep at 10am (Hall)
   Feast of St. Andrew, Apostle
Sunday December 3, 2023 - 1st Sunday of Advent ( Beginning of a New Church Year!)
9:30am - Chopin Choir meeting (Church)
9:55am - Prayer Circle (Sacred Heart Altar)
10am - Mass
+Radell Zawistowski (Birthday) - Int. Joe and Rachel
+Erwin Kalka (Birthday) - Int. Diane Skierkowski
+Janet Holmer (Birthday) - Int. Sisters and Their Families
*Advent Wreath lighting at the beginning of Mass
*Collection to support the Missions of our diocese
Daily Bible Readings
December Theme - God’s Saving Word: Joy
Mon - Psalm 147; Tu - Psalm 148; Wed - Psalm 149; Th - Psalm 150;  Fri - Mark 1:1-8;
Sat - Mark 9:1-20; Sun - Mark 13:1-23  (American Bible Society) Need Bible Resources?
The Imitation of Christ - Thomas A Kempis (~1427)
Even though we may not be prepared or are properly disposed to receive our Lord everyday, we certainly can receive at certain times because of God’s grace. This is our chief consolation while our souls are within our mortal bodies. Mindful of God, our hearts are warmed when we receive Him.  CBP, 1993
Jesus is Our Lord and King - Jesus is our Good Shepherd, watches over us, and guides us during our earthly journey and through difficult times. At the end of time we shall be judged by our actions during our life here on this earth. If we have lived for Jesus, we shall be invited to enter with Him into the glory of God’s never ending kingdom.  (Focus the Word, Susan Sayers, 1989)

Have A Great Week!