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A Little Humor for the Week!

Monday 7/8 - Elizabeth of Portugal, queen
   Parish Committee meeting at Martins on Mayflower at 6:30pm
Tuesday 7/9 - Justus of Poland
Saturday 7/13 - Bishop Jerry Rafalko (1st Anniversary of Passing)
Requiem Mass and transferral to his columbarium at 11am (ct)  Father Charles and Susan will attend
Sunday July 14, 2024 - 15th Sunday of the Year
10am - Mass
+Joseph amd +Mary Trelka (Anniv of Passing) - Int. Family
*The Clergy Pension Fund annual campaign continues
*Counters - Kathy, Carol and Sheena
Daily Bible Readings
July Theme - God’s Guiding Word: Mercy and Forgiveness
Mon - Jeremiah 4:1-4; Tu - Jer. 30:1-11; Wed - Jer. 30:12-24;
Th - Jer. 31:1-14; Fri - Jer. 31:15-22; Sat - Jer. 31:23-40;
Sun - Lamentations 3:1-24 (Am. Bible Society) Need Bible Resources?
The Imitation of Christ - Thomas A Kempis (~1427)
Let us do the best we can, and as well as we can. It should not be from habit or necessity, but with reverential fear and affection that we receive the Body of our beloved Lord who comes to us. He invited us, and commanded this Sacrament to be. Therefore, our Lord will make up for whatever is lacking in us. Come, let us receive the Lord.  CBP, 1993
We are called to tell others about God and the quality of life in His kingdom. Those we tell may be responsive or apathetic. Jesus informed us that you are unable to persuade anyone who thinks they have all the answers. In reality, our very weakness and doubts can become strengths, since they teach us to trust God and rely on Him to show us where to go, what to say, and how to act.
Focus the Word, Susan Sayers, 1989

Have A Great Week!