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Bible Readings
Let us know if you need a Bible, or information for online resources.
March Theme - God’s Word of Prayer
Mon - Psalm 79; Tu - Psalm 80;
Wed - Psalm 84; Th - Psalm 85;
Fri - Psalm 86; Sat - 1 Kings 3:1-15;
Sun - 1 Kings 8:1-21 (American Bible Society)

The Imitation of Christ - Thomas A Kempis (~1427)

If you seek rest in this life, how can you expect to attain eternal rest? Do not look for rest here, but for much patience. True peace is found only in heaven not in the person or any other creature, but in God alone. You must be willing to suffer all things for the love of God - labors, sorrows, temptations, afflictions, anxieties, needs, infirmities, injuries, corrections, and contempt. Such things are aids to virtue and a test of those who are in the service of Jesus, preparing them for a heavenly crown. This short labor will lead to an eternal reward. When we get past confusion, we will find infinite glory.
CBP, 1993

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