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Bible Readings
Let us know if you need a Bible, or information for online resources.
January Theme - God’s Word of Life
Mon - Acts 9:1-25; Tu - Acts 9:26-43;
Wed - John 10:1-21; Th - John 10:22-42;
Fri - John 11:1-27; Sat - John 11:28-44;
Sun - John 14:1-14; (American Bible Society)

The Imitation of Christ - Thomas A Kempis (~1427)
Lord, You are my God and my all! What more can I have and what more can I desire than You? O sweet and delightful Word! Sweet to those who love the Word and not the world and the things belonging to it. To the one who understands, enough is said, and yet it is pleasing to those who love to say it over again. When You are present Lord, all things bring delight. When You are absent, all things are dreary. When you are present, You bring peace, joy, and gladness, and the heart is at rest.
CBP, 1993

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