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6/7 - St. Paul of Constantinople, bishop

6/8 - St. Cloud, bishop

6/11 - Sacred Heart of Jesus, solemnity

6/13 - Parish Committee meeting (Hall)

6/13 - Fellowship with photos from sister parishes in Wisconsin and Minnesota

6/14 - St. Basil the Great, bishop and doctor

6/16 - St. Tychon, bishop

6/20 - Wishing all Dads a Happy Father's Day!

6/20 - Annual Clergy Pension Fund campaign kicks off today - Thank You for your support!

6/24 - St. John the Baptist, solemnity

6/27 - Men's Club / YMSR meeting at 9:30am (Church)

6/28 - St. Irenaus of Lyons, bishop

6/29 - Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, Apostles

Sunday Mass at 10am!

Safe Worship - Come Join Us!

Special Collection underway to help our sister parish in Minneapolis after the burning down of the church (arson)

Please help if you can!