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A Little Humor for the Week!

Monday 2/19 - Presidents Day
Wednesday 2/21 - Stations of the Cross at 7pm
Saturday 2/24 - Feast of Matthias, Apostle

Sunday February 25, 2024 - 2nd Sunday of Lent
9:30am - Men’s Club meeting (Church)
10am - Worship with Holy Communion
11am - Coffee, Juice and Donuts fellowship (Hall)
  Please gather in the Hall and meet Deacon Douglas
Daily Bible Readings
February Theme - God’s Guiding Word: Love
Mon - John 7:25-52; Tue - John 8:1-11; Wed - John 8:12-30;
Th - John 8:31-59; - John 9:1-12; Sat - John 9:13-41;
Sun - John 10:1-21 (American Bible Society) Need Bible Resources?
The Imitation of Christ - Thomas A Kempis (~1427)
Lord, who can come humbly to the fountain of sweetness? Or who can stand by a blazing fire and not feel some of its heat? You O Lord are a fountain, ever full and overflowing; a fire always burning and never dying out.  CBP, 1993
New Life - After Jesus was baptized, He began a severe fast in which He ate nothing. This was followed by severe temptation which He withstood and overcame by the power of the Holy Spirit. Noah had faith in God’s promises and survived with his family through the devastating flood. When we were baptized, we put our faith in God who gives life, and the grace to resist temptation and overcome sin.
Focus the Word, Susan Sayers, 1989

Have A Great Week!