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Building Fellowship & Bettering our Community through the Gospel


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National Union PNU Newsletter - Please contact us for a link to the latest issue!

May All We Do Be For God's Glory!

God's Field (National Newsletter of the PNCC) - Please contact us for a link to the latest issue!

Holy Trinity
On Sunday we celebratee God and the Trinity of greatest attributes - Creation, Salvation, and Sanctification. Though we emphasize these actions by God as Father, Word, and Spirit, We Believe In One God!

Bishop Jerry’s June Letter
Bishop Jerry’s letter for the month of June is in the Bulletin - please read, apply, and enjoy the wisdom he is sharing with us!

Sacred Vocations Month
June is Sacred Vocations Month in the PNCC. Please pray for our bishops, priests, deacons, and new vocations - Thanks for Praying!

Mass Preparation - A reminder that booklets are found in the pews to help us prepare for our participation in Mass. Please take a few moments if you can, to look over these practical thoughts.

Men’s Club Brunch
All are invited to gather with our Men’s Club for brunch on June 24 at Top Notch restaurant on Lincoln Way at 11am.

Share the Good News!
If you like our church, why not share your experiences with others? Many people are searching for a church to be their spiritual home. We may be just what they are looking for! Please have some business cards on hand!

Building Drive
Our Building Drive is underway to raise funds to repair our bell tower and roof structure, with the following who have contributed so far -
Joan Johnson. Fran Lemanski, Josephine Dembinski,
Jean and Rick Johnson, Mike and Kathy M., Douglas Chan,
Mary Galovic.
Total collected so far - $2500 Goal - $20,000
Thank You for your support and thoughtfulness!