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2021 PNCC Action Plan: Discipleship - We Will Trust in the Lord!

Holy Water
We are so excited to have touchless holy water dispensers in the vestibule. Please try them, and if you’re not sure how to use them, please ask!

Lord’s Supper Remembrance Wrap Up Meeting
A meeting to evaluate this year’s Lord’s Supper Remembrance will take place next Sunday, April 18 in the church, following Mass. All who helped organize or are interested are invited to attend!

Parish Directory
This Monday is the deadline to add or change information for this year’s Parish Directory. Please see the sign up table or contact us!

Holy Week and Easter Preparation and Decorating - List 2
We thank those who helped prepare and decorate the church for Holy Week and Easter - Dave and Carol Kolecki, Kathy and Mike Martinczak, Dan Lisenko, Mike Mersich, Mike McCormack, Cecil and Becky Brummett, Carl Wallace, John Ullery, Joe and Rachel Zawistowski, Andy, Matt, Susan and Fr Sr Charles, Jessie and Chloe Bjorkland, and Carol Shamory.
We also thank Susan Zawistowski for coordinating the decorating efforts, and Pat Lynch for coordinating the plants and flowers.
Thank You for preparing our church, and helping it look so beautiful!

Rummage Items
If you are going through your home and see suitable items for this year’s Rummage Sale, please hold on to them. We will soon announce when we will begin collecting. Thanks for your consideration!

Parish Auditors Meeting
A meeting of our Parish Auditors will take place on Sunday, April 25 following Mass. All Auditors are asked to attend, if able.

Seniorate Meeting
A meeting of our Seniorate will take place on Saturday, April 17 at St. Michael Parish in Cedar Lake, and Online at 11am (et). Seniorate representatives and interested persons are invited to attend! Please see Fr Sr Charles for more information.