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2021 PNCC Action Plan: Discipleship - We Will Trust in the Lord!

Carnations - Carnations given to all Moms or in memory of departed Moms on Mother's Day are courtesy of our Chopin Choir. We thank our Choir for this longtime custom!

Directory - This year’s Parish Directory is complete and we are giving them out to our parishioners. You can get your Directory at church, or if you are unable to travel, we will get one to you!

Hall Painting - We will paint assorted areas of our Hall This Saturday, May 15 at 9am. Volunteers are needed - thanks for your consideration!

Parking Lot Mass - We will have a Parking Lot Mass Next Sunday, May 16 at 10am. You can either remain in your vehicle, or bring lawn chairs. We hope all of our parishioners will be able to attend, if healthy and able!

Wear Something Red - We ask all parishioners and friends if able to wear something red on May 23, which is Pentecost, a remembrance of the day the Holy Spirit descended on this earth to guide and govern the Church and its people. We have a custom to wear something red on Pentecost, which is the color of the Holy Spirit.

Symbolic Tomb Takedown - We thank everyone who helped take down our Symbolic Tomb last Sunday- John Ullery, Carl and Jeanette Wallace, Mike and Kathy Martinczak, Pat Lynch, Dave and Carol Kolecki, Mike Mersich, Dan Lisenko, Andy, Matt, and Susan Zawistowski. Thank You for your time and efforts!

Fire - Our parish in Minneapolis is determined to rebuild after their church fire, but will need financial support from their sister parishes. If you would like to help, please write either MN Parish, our Church Fire on your envelope. If donating by check, please make payable to St. Mary’s Parish. We will also think of other ways we can raise funds to help them.
God Bless You for your thoughtfulness and compassion!